Nov 6, 2013

Cyclopital3D - company using 3d printing to produce for 3d video and photo market

Here is a perfect example of a small company using 3d printers to make highly specialized and customized products for 3d video and photo recording and viewing. Some of them are add-ons for existing digital recording devices some are new innovative products.

Cyclopital3D designs, manufactures and sells custom hardware solutions for use with 3D cameras and camcorders.
Now you can add creative filters, close-up lenses, wide-angle lenses, lens hoods and even widen the stereo base of your 3D camera and camcorder! Increase your creative options and achieve fantastic results! Cyclopital3D makes lens adapters for: Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Fuji cameras and camcorders.We also offer three options for portable 3D viewing of your 3D images and videos.