Nov 11, 2013

Bulldog open source universal full metal direct drive extruder

The "Bulldog" is open source (CC-BY-NC) universal full metal direct drive extruder suitable for many of DIY 3d printers and compatible with most j-head mount nozzles.
There are two kinds of Bulldog extruder, “Bulldog Lite” to suit 1.75mm filament only and “Bulldog XL” to suit both, 1.75 and 3mm filament. The "Bulldog XL" comes with geared Nema 17 (5:1).
Drawings will be made available, after their Indiegogo campaign ends.

Bulldog extruder features:

  • symmetric design (you can mount motor motor left or right side)
  • additional 6 mm inner screw thread
  • fully assembled and tested
  • full metal extruder
  • grove mount compatible hotend holder
  • stable and precise extruder drive
  • direct drive extruder
  • HIGH precision gear box NEMA 17 motor (5:1) (Bulldog XL only!)
  • integrated fan into the mount for nozzle cooling
  • can be used as a classic and bowden extruder drive
  • ultra sharp filament pulley
  • easy filament change, just pushing the bar with your hands
  • 100% compatible with most popular hotends. (J-Head old and new version, Merlin hotend, Magma hotend, Prusa Nozzle)