Nov 24, 2013

Arburg Freeformer high end industrial prototyping printer

Some serious 3d printing hardware made in Germany:

Key features:
  • Fully functional parts are produced rapidly with standard granulates, from 3D CAD files without a mould
  • Clocked nozzle closure with piezo technology ensures high part quality
  • 3 or 5-axis component carrier with linear motors for complex 3D geometries without support structure
  • Intuitive operation using hand gestures on the high-quality multi-touch screen
  • Quiet, dust-free production environment
About AFK process from the company page:
Unlike conventional additive manufacturing techniques, with ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (AKF) standard granulates are melted as in the injection moulding process. The freeformer produces the component without support structures, layer by layer from minuscule droplets. The discharge unit with nozzle remains stationary, while the component carrier moves.
The globally unique AKF process makes use of 3D CAD files, which are read in directly by the freeformer. After start-up, everything else takes place automatically. A nozzle closure with piezo technology builds up the desired component layer by layer from minuscule plastic droplets. During this process, the item under construction is moved by a component carrier with three or five axes.
  • Unique: fully functional parts are created with minuscule plastic droplets, without a mould
  • Versatile: low-cost standard granulates are used instead of expensive special materials
  • No support structures: stationary discharge unit and moving component carrier for complex 3D geometries
  • Combinable: AKF is also suitable for processing two components, e.g. in moving hard/soft combinations
  • Effortless: parts are automatically built up layer by layer on the basis of 3D CAD files

Video and more information:!prettyPhoto

Freeformer brochure (PDF):