Nov 15, 2013

Adapto DIY 3d printer

Very hackable printer design by Rotorit. It is has simplistic design and can use various materials for frame construction. Here you can see two versions, one from more expensive aluminum and one low cost option with frame made from wood.

Adepto presentation with aluminum frame:

Adepto 3d printer with 15$ wooden frame:

Alu frame Adapto printer

Wooden frame Adapto 3d printer

From project description:

200x240x280mm print volume!!
To download the parts see GitHub: Contains parts for both 8mm and 10mm smooth rods + +
For some build guidees see RepRap Wiki:
This V1.0 have a lot of updated parts for the Adapto V 0.1.1
The thought behind the Adapto 3D printer is that one can use the same printed parts on printers with different types of materials(in the frame).
The history behind this design is that i got hold of some alu extrusions that was intended to be used on a MendelMax
During the MM build i got so extremely annoyed with how over engineered it is and the blind joints so I decided to tear the MM apart in favor to make a design that only used 50% of the MM extrusions(that means i now have enough extrusions for 2 printers :D ).
I also designed the parts in a way that makes the builder able to use either Alu extrusions (20x20mm), wood, alu, acryl plates or plates made out of any material actually(if it is stiff enough).
I recommend not using anything thicker than 20mm thick plates/stripes(due to the y motor mount and y idler parts) and use max 34mm wide frame parts(due to the design of the feet`s), but thinner is ok if the material is stiff enough.
If you decide to build one, please feel free to add a pin on the Adapto Map