Nov 16, 2013

Experiments in 3d printing with silver solder by Bam

User Bam from Lulzbot forums experiments with 3d printing metal solder. He had some success but there are obstacles in the road. This could be interesting for electric circuits 3d printing.

He notes:
Early experiments with metal printing with a Budaschnozzle 1.1 are looking good. Repeat: early experiments (Tin 95.8%, Copper 4%, Silver 0.2%, McMaster 76805a61). If you can wait a few days before trying this out, I'll let you know if it destroys the nozzle. Fun fact: silver solder will stick to painters tape.
The flow cuts out after about 15mm of 3mm feed, we might be able to extrude continuously with a larger thermal mass around the nozzle (metalschnozzle?). Alternately we could print in short bursts through some sort of g-code trickery.

His plans for the future:
  • Faster extrusion at higher nozzle temps (going to give an all metal noz a shot)
  • Printing through a glass nozzle (I've got some lab grade glass eyedroppers on order that I'll try to hack into a hotend
  • Smaller diameter filament (should cut down on the heat soaking up through the filament)