Nov 22, 2013

3d printer installed in the electric Renault Zoe car

The leFabShop crew from France decided to showcase 3d printer installed in an alectric car to demonstrate how some future repairman could 3d print replacement parts in his vehicle.
I don't know how would such setup be stabilized to compensate for car vibration road bumps, acceleration, breaking etc. but if there is a demand there will be a solution.

by leFabShop team.
We believe that in a near future, cars will be electric, self-driven & equipped for advanced field operations. Your plumber will be able to produce spare-parts in his vehicle, some goods will be produced on demand in the delivery truck.
crédits :
original idea : Bertier Luyt
scenario & post-prod : Tatiana Reinhard
architect & 3D model : Samuel Bernier
image & light : Georges de Genevraye
with the help of : Renault Creative People Lab
3D printer : MakerBot Replicator 2 Personnal 3D Printer
car : Renault ZOE
music : interlude - pulp funktion 3
thanks : Omar & team le FabShop
© le FabShop 2013 /

3d printer in your trunk - it's like a replicator on Enterprise - you don't need to carry anything with you EVER!

The electric car featured in this video is Renault Zoe and Renault has some crazy scheme where they rent you the battery for it ... I'm loosing faith in electric cars ... bu that is a different topic ...
You can see the review of Zoe in the video bellow jut to get idea what it is. For you USA natives, YES cars in Europe are generally much smaller.

Update (16.3.2015.):

Amazon wants to patent 3d printing in their delivery vans. Copycats!