Oct 3, 2013

Ultimaker 2 launch video

Ultimaker 2 launch by Erik de Bruijn from Ultimaker on Vimeo.

Yes, there is a new Ultimaker 2 out. I was on a vacation so I completely missed it. Cool and powerfull machine. In the expensive zone, but probably worth it. It remains open source. Hopefully there will be some independent testing soon.

Specifications and features of Ultimaker 2 from company page:

It’s a quiet machine and fits in almost any environment. By making use of different materials for the frame we created a printer with the exact measurements on the outside as the Ultimaker Original, but with a larger build volume. We went from X20,5 * Y20,5 *Z20,5 cm to X25,5 * Y25,5 * Z20,5 cm, so there is more space available in depth and width.
A heated bed in combination with printing on glass ensures that the material can be easily controlled. It also makes it possible to print with a wide variety of materials. When the glass is coated with a gluestick the material will have a better grip during printing. It will also make it easier to remove your print when finished as the heated bed cools.
Under the right temperature warping of your printed objects is ruled out for both PLA and ABS.
Apart from the Bowden tube we improved the entire extrusion system. Starting with the filament supply, the direct drive gives superb control so both supply as retraction will respond immediately. We’ve managed to get an even better print-to-size ratio.
The hot end is completely redesigned making it even more reliable. By using a cover and cooling several parts, the temperature of the hot end is more predictable and less sensitive to external elements. Our hot end is also all lot safer because it’s almost fully made of metal so you’ll never get a melted peek. The improved electronics take care of reliable control and monitoring of all of the electronic components in the printer.