Oct 13, 2013

RotoMAAK - DIY spin casting machine

Desktop spin casting machine would enable you to make series of objects with rapid molding process. This could develop into very interesting sector of machines and products.

Co-Founder of TeMAAK and Inventor of the RotoMAAK, Mark VanDiepenbos presents the RotoMAAK desktop rotational molding machine and demonstrates its use.
The RotoMAAK evenly distributes 2 part epoxies, as well as other rotational mold materials, to make parts out of 3d printed molds, silicon molds, or other types of molds in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. More details and specs coming soon, including the date for the Kickstarter campaign. Sign up on their website www.rotomaak.com to receive email notifications about its development and Kickstarter Launch.
Mark VanDiepenbos is a part of Makerspace Goshen, the same group that John Oly and Steve Wygant of www.seemecnc.com (Rostock Max and Orion 3D printers) are a part of.

If you are not sure what spin casting is (like I was) here is wikipedia page on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spin_casting

Here is a link to another DIY spin casting centrifuge that illustrates the process:


Update (17.3.2014.):

Here is Mark on Midwest RepRap Festival showing 3d printed resin molds.

Update (23.4.2014.):

RotoMAAK just finished its Kickstarter campaign with excellent results: