Oct 20, 2013

ROSCO by Arxterra - 3d printable telepresence DIY robot

3d printable diy telepresence robot. just cool.

From ROSCO Thingiverse page:

ROSCO is a DIY hobbyist friendly almost plug and play Telepresence robot kit. The Arxterra software and website portal and control panel makes it possible to control the robot from anywhere via the internet. All you need is the printed robot, Arduino Uno, Adafruit motor shield, and a web enabled Android smart device.
Full instructions, software, control panel, and BOM available at
Arxterra is about building telerobotic communities to bring people together and create a forum for ingenuity and artistic expression. The first step to creating a robotic community is to design open source, low cost robots and a cloud based eco-system in which they can live.
Our current design is our own RObot SCOut or Rosco which is based on the Android/Arduino platforms. This rover can be 3d printed and built for under $200 sans smart phone. A quick download of our Arxrobot app and you will be connected to our servers bringing you together with robots from all over the world to build, create, and explore.