Oct 26, 2013

Off topic: meet Hexa drone - when hexabot and hexacopter have offspring

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords ....

From project page:

Hexapod Specs
  • PhantomX Hexapod Kit from Trossen Robotics
  • Custom 1/6th inch Carbon Fiber Plate Upgrade
  • Dynamixel AX-12 Servos
  • Arbotix Robocontroller
  • Arbotix Commander Controller

Hexcopter Specs
  • Hoverfly Pro Flight Controller
  • Custom 1/16th inch Carbon Fiber Plates and Motor Mounts
  • 2024 1/2inch OD 1/32 Wall Aluminum Booms
  • Custom CNCed Delrin Boom Mounts
  • 6 x E-flite Power 15 Motors W/ 13×6 props
  • 6 x E-flite 40amp ESC
  • Spektrum dx7 Remote

Overall Weight W/Batteries: 10.8 LBS

Future Plans
  • Hexapod Catch & Release Mechanism – Whats cooler then a Hexapod Merged with a Hexcopter? When the two can detach, and reattach with each other on the fly!
  • Switch to Open Source Flight Controller – Currently Leaning in the direction of using a Crius AIO PRO
  • Hexapod MavLink Support – Upgrade Hexapod Code to support MavLink Protocol for communications so you can use the APM for control of both machines
  • Upgrade Servos – Some of the servos are very strained depending on the stance, having props spun up obviously can help reduce this