Oct 27, 2013

Mendel90 with lasercut MDF frame and acrylic enclosure

This looks cool. Maybe I'll find a laser cutter (which is not the easiest task in rural Croatia) in the future and try to build it. I wonder what are the heat retention impacts on print quality ...

From project description:
A modified version of the Mendel90 which uses a lasercut melamine coated MDF frame (same fixing idea as the graber i3 frame). It allows an acrylic enclosure to be fitted. 
Main changes:
Frame re-designed, Z axis changed to laser cut parts.
Some plastic parts modified (not many)
Acrylic enclosure added
Wiring simplified - all motors have detachable plugs, endstops are push fit. this allows for a wiring loom to be used.
RAMPS electronics as standard with the Panelolu2 controller.
All the detail is available on our blog:
The assembly process in more detail in in this post:
The commissioning and calibration in outline is here:
The printer is designed from the start to take multiple bowden extruders as an alternative to a single direct drive extruder. Updates will follow!

Files available at:

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