Oct 20, 2013

Break the Mold documentary

Break the Mould documentary from 3dify on Vimeo.

Documentary following the project Break the Mould - an interactive 3D scanning and printing art installation that took place during the Brighton Digital Festival 2013. The scanner was housed inside a giant willow sculpture to give participants the experience of stepping inside a giant womb where they were 3D scanned and then printed out as 8cm high figures on Ultimaker 3D printers.

3Dify built the 3D scanner using a rig of their own design, an Xbox360 and Skanect. The rig rotated around the person at various heights and was controlled using an arduino and piloted using a retro 80's joystick.

Thanks to digital creative agency Developing Dreams, artist Emilia Telese, Ultimaker for the 3D printers, Faberdashery for providing us with top quality filament, and Frit for directing, shooting and editing the documentary http://saritafrit.com/.

Music: Broke For Free - 942 Miles