Oct 1, 2013

3ntr A4 3d printer from Italy

Printer features from the company site:


2mm stainless steel frame, cut on latest generation NC laser systems:

Humidity won’t affect it: frame perfectly hold geometry for years of trouble-free use
No fear of machine damage when printing at high temperature
Frame can support hundred Kgs with zero deformation
Even using strong acceleration rates the machine keeps perfect alignemnt
Tens of prints with no need of re-calibrate
All structural parts are metal.

100% Metal extruder, machined on NC equipment:
Narrow tolerances, high quality surface finishes
Near zero chances of extruder jam
Easier extrusion control
Steady production
No plastic parts in the hot/cold end area (i.e.: PTFE o PEEK)
In case of mistakingly high temperature setting, extruder parts won’t produce toxic PTFE fumes
PVA / PLA / ABS / NYLON / PC / .. any polymer can be printed
Easy nozzle change 
24V 300W power supply unit:
No power compromises
Motors with very good dynamic performances
Quick extruder warm-up
1/32 step controllers: smooth movements
Heated bed

Quality bearings (Igus / Nsk)
Parts engineered to last years
Lube free axes
Thermocouple heater control

Wide extruder temperature range (up to 340° C)
Precise and sturdy sensors: no thin thermistor wire that will easily break while printing !

Stainless steel wire feeders

No slack/feeble parts = Precision
No bending parts under stress = 100% feed power available


Printing plates are swapped in seconds
Easy and precise filament change
LCD display + jogwheel + on board memory (micro SD card)
Printer can run stand alone without a connected PC
Realtime parameter display
Open software architecture: can be interfaced to almost any host software
Easy and quick calibration procedures, even if seldom needed

CE certified
Sealed working area: fumes are confined
Door can be key-locked
Peace of mind as you print in a safe setting
All electrical parts are Rohs and CE compliant
Industrial wiring: no flying cables and no live AC parts can be reached
Children and pets can play safely around, while machine is running
Made in Italy, by an half-century-old firm.


Minimalist look and tough looking, you can place it even in the classiest office setting
Won’t ruin your professional image: can show to customers with pride