Oct 5, 2013

3DP - inkjet powder 3D printer

The author of Focus printer project concluded that it lacks technology and key parts for successful laser powder printing, he changed directions and developed it into inkjet powder 3d printer. He now uses ZCorp powder (similar to gypsum) and HP C6602 inkjet cartridges with water-glue-alcohol binder.

From project thingiverse page:
Focus is converted so it uses HP C6602 inkjet cartridges. It is currently hooked up so it uses only one nozzle and prints with ordinary Gcode. As soon as I have more results, I will get the right slicers and firmware to print more like a printer, but for now this will do.
It prints with Zcorp powder and binder. This works by printing with binder (water, alcohol and glue) in Powder (glorified gypsum) to make a model. This model is then cleaned and impregnated with CA glue to make the model strong. It works great, but since a new layer currently takes 30 seconds to deposit and I print with only one nozzle, even small things take forever. The maoi is 40 minutes, the creeper 30 minutes. Plans are already being made to make a new printer specially for 3DP powder printing that is at least 30 times faster, but this will take several more months.

Thingiverse page:

More details on inkshield and working with ink cartridges for this project:

3DP printhead with HP inkjet cartridge

3DP print results

3DP 3d printer

Update (21.8.2014.):

Project matured and upgraded version with detailed building guide is released as "Plan B" 3d printer: