Oct 6, 2013

3d printing with sand and glue

From video description:

IAAC RS3: Digital Tectonics with IAAC MAA Co-Director Marta Male Alemany, Victor Vina and Brian Peters

Students: Miguel Guerrero Pinar, Anastasia Pistofidou, Chryssa Karakana, Carolina Miro
This video shows the fabrication process of solidifying sand piles and our experiments to define the rules of the binder deposition, in this case it is white glue. By attaching a customized board with two nozzles, one for sand and the other for glue deposition on the shopbot, we made our first primitive model of Fabbot. the idea is to use a material found on site, cheap and plentiful, take advantage of its physical rules and character, to generate easily fabricated structures with a wide range in scale. the generation of the structure is indicated both by the site specificity and the digital manipulation of the form through programming. The coordinates are taken from processing and translated into the g-code of the shopbot. There is a direct connection with grasshopper, using Ghowl plug-in to design the structures in Rhino.

More on the project website: