Sep 8, 2013

Tobeca 3d printer

Tobeca is from France and it is suitcase foldable mobile 3d printer.

Specifications translated from product site:
  • Comfortable: 200x200x220mm volume printing.
  • Quality: all parts have been chosen for their quality and durability. The printed parts are made ​​from PLA Faberdashery , considered the best plastic printing in Europe.
  • Easy to use: pre configured print profiles.
  • Tranportable: its integrated case and its rugged design can transport the Tobeca without needing to recalibrate.
  • Complete: the coil support is integrated into the Tobeca, no need for a dispenser next. The carriage includes a LED light to always see the work area.
  • Compact and quiet, it fits easily on a desktop.
  • Fast and accurate thanks to the mechanical components of quality prints (see Specifications for details).
  • Versatile: With a heating plate, it can print various materials such as bioplastics, nylon, hybrid plastic / wood ...
  • Quick and easy installation: less than 2 minutes to assemble or disassemble the Tobeca.
  • Customizable: choose from several colors for a printer that suits you.
  • Reactive support: email and forum, customized on request assistance.
  • Replicable: Because the project is open source under the GNU / GPL v3 license, you can repeat yourself all the parts.
  • Secure Protection of electrical parts and electronic printed with the housing.
  • For your budget: Available assembly kit or assembled and tested, with or without 1 year warranty.
  • Price: 699 € to 999 €