Sep 17, 2013

Profabb GATE 3d printer from Poland

Mounting the extruder

First movements of Profabb Gate

Profabb Gate 3d printer from Poland with routing option in development. Priced at some 620 euro.

- robust, aesthetic frame of aluminum profiles 40x20
- Large working area 190x220x230 [XYZ]
- Robust linear guides (fi10 and fi12)
- Heated table 150 W
- Prop shafts, aluminum, machined
- Vertical axis X with a solid mount truck with extruder (screw, not the clamps)
- The ability to quickly remove extruder and change the router (developing this project)
- New control electronics Unique One
- 1.75mm filament
- Print all available filaments on the market that it melts at a temperature of 255 degrees C. max (in Polish)