Sep 26, 2013

Phoenix 3d printer

400 $ for high quality assembled 3d printer! It has some custom software options like attempted recovery of failed print and smartphone control. I would go for it, but international shipping rates seem to high now to my country, but for you from North America looks like a great deal  ...

  • Build Area: 240 x 215 x 200 millimeters
  • Resolution: 0.1mm all around
  • 12-volt, 40-watt heater 0.35mm brass nozzle
  • Heated build platform, which means you can print with ABS!
  • 12-volt, 20-amp, 240-watt power supply
  • Integrated filament spool holder. No need to buy special or proprietary cartridges!
  • Adjustable Z-axis cutoff switch for reliable print starts

Kickstarter page: