Sep 26, 2013

LumiFold 3D printer

From project page:
  • The smallest Foldable 3d printer!
  • Low Cost 3D printer, costs half of many 3d printers on the market, and it’s portable!
  • Based on standard/cheap 20x20mm aluminum extrusion
  • Easy to use: just unfold, place under a projector, and print!
  • Low energy consumption (approx. 5W)
  • Interchangeable resin bed and platform, including a smaller one for experimenting and printing small parts
  • Max Print volume 90 x 90 x ~90 mm
  • Z resolution up to 0,01mm!
  • The first 3D printer with a 3D Holographic visualization of the printing progress!
  • Laser Scanner Platform kit available, will transform the LumiFold in a 3D Scanner
  • Travel kit with Lithium battery, with the IPad / IPhone control Kit you are ready for printing everywhere in the world!
Priced around 400 $ for the kit.

Updated video of full print process from unfolding to printed object: