Sep 11, 2013

GolemD 3d printer

Enclosed frame GolemD DIY 3d printer from Poland. Looks interesting and simple relying on aluminum sheet box for rigidity. It could be adapted to use it with heated chamber.

Technical specifications from project ReRap wiki:
  • Aluminum composite shell body - did you notice how a simple cardboard box is rigid while assembled - same principal
  • closed chamber - after installing front shield
  • 15x15x15cm working volume
  • 25x35cm footprint - plus Z contraption
  • yegahD extruder
  • single head or multiple with bowden
  • nema23 for Y and n17 for other axes by default
  • 12mm glides - uniform, stainless, aluminum or just some cold forged pipe.
  • slide linear bearings
  • bended aluminum single piece Xcart
  • only ca. 200g of printed parts
  • enclosed PSU and electronics - single ATX and Sunbeam/Teensylu in this case
  • plywood and molded versions to come
  • parametric openSCAD design
  • ultra easy to correctly assemble and cheap to build

Most of the build instructions are in Polish (but hey, that's why google translate exists) (Polish home page)

Update (15.09.2013.)

While looking at the post about Polish 3d printing event I found picture of larger version of GolemD with integrated filament boxes (GolemD sppf)

You should check the full gallery of the 3d printing event in Kielce with many printers and what looks like great atmosphere. Poland seems to have very vibrant, innovative and productive 3d printing community.