Sep 1, 2013

Extensive Roctock Delta building tutorial

Very detailed hands-on how to build tutorial for Rostoc Delta 3d printer by Russ

From video description:

Delta 3D Printer Project. Start To Finish Of Building A rostock delta robot 3D printer prototype.
The files and General information is here: 
This is a full documentary from start to finish including software and time-laps of 3D prints.
This was my winter project for 2013.
If your in to reading instead of watching you can visit the forums where i did post most of the photos and information but is not as complete as the video:
The files I talk about are posted on the forums on the first post of the link posted above or my website.
more here:

Results from


here is another detailed guide on how to build different Delta style 3d printer with wooden frame: