Sep 26, 2013

Construction of bamboo geodesic dome with 3d printed connectors

Assembly of a geodesic dome made with bamboo and a 3D printer from colaborativa.
This is a timelapse video of the assembly of a geodesic dome made with bamboo and a RepRap 3D Printer. The prototype was assembled for the first time in Scarpia XII ( on July, 2013. The experimental design is based on the work of Buckminster Fuller,, effalo and Colaborativa's own designs and it is shared with a creative commons license.

3d printing is very useful for production of geodesic connectors and hubs. I think that there is still lot of space left for much more innovation and improvements (ie. connectors for square boards etc.) .

There are several deigns on Thingiverse:

Here is another interesting project that connects 3d printing approach and geodesic structures by design software and building elements production:

If you are interested in geodesic construction, (not working anymore) is a good resource page. For a geodesic dome calculator check out: