Sep 30, 2013

Sep 29, 2013

How to make a 3d printing hot end nozzle in 15 seconds from brass dome head nut

Made by hand! 0,4 mm carbide PCB drill bit and brass dome head nut ... fining the center with lack of vibration ... great work!

I would like to see it printing ...

Video by: Alan Long

Sep 28, 2013

whiteAnt DIY 3d printer and CNC Dremel

I found this machine with unique design, has some crude old-days DIY charm ...

More data, videos and full build information on:

Here is the creators youtube channel with more interesting diy cnc designs: Patrick Hood-Daniel

Future of design education and 3d printing

Ultimaker Bowden Clamp upgrade printed in ColorFabb XT and PLA/PHA materials

Practical experience in printing Ulimaker Bowden clamp upgrade with Colorfabb PLA / PHA and XT clear materials.

Video by:

Creating urethane molds for rapid batch production

From video description:
Dan from AS220 labs in Providence, RI show us how to make an entire set of printed parts for a MendelMax in just three hours

Video by:

3dMonstr 3d printer

Here are detailed specifications:

Price will be around 2500 USD from smaller machine.

On Kickstarter soon.

Update (5/1/2013):

3dMonstr is on Kickstarter now:

3DMonstr key features:
  • Its build volume is impressive. The smallest of its family is 1 cubic foot; the middle is 3.375 cubic feet, the largest is 8 cubic feet.
  • It has four independent filament extruders, each with its own temperature control
  • You can print small things on a big printer, but you can't print big things on a small one. That's why, whether you're printing large or small, we want to make sure that you could do so in fine resolution style, printing 40 micron layers.
  • The extruders are attached to the machine via a QuickMount release making it really easy to switch them in and out and trivial to adjust their height. Just drop the extruder to the glass and go.
  • 3DMonstr was built to last. It's like no 3D printer you've seen before. Made from industrial grade materials, it's incredibly sturdy and rigid. When people see this printer, they say, "Now this is serious."
  • 3DMonstr printers are designed for future growth and built to last through rapidly changing technology. We wanted to build a structure that could push the limits of what future technology can throw at it because we want to be able to print more than plastic. After Kickstarter is over and the machines have been delivered, our focus will be on advanced extruders. That's why we needed to make sure we had a structure that could handle strong materials and high thermal stress.
  • One of the biggest, ongoing frustrations and complaints of 3D printer users is the calibration process. It's not the kind of big we were going for, so we took the calibration solution a step further, and instead of trying to make calibration easier, we eliminated the problem by designing a large part of the problem right out of the printer.
  • A nice touch is that 3DMonstr is foldable. This way, if you don't have a large workspace, you can fold it flat and tuck it away. You can also quickly remove the gantry from the table bed for easy transport. It comes apart and can be put together with no tools, in just a couple of minutes.

Video form Maker Faire 2013 about cool 3d printing stuff


Video by:

Filaflex filament and link roundup - tests and properties of various filament types

There are more filaments from various materials available for 3d printing then just simple PLA and ABS. Here are some links on news related to filaments ...

Excellent roundup post by NothingLabs on various filaments, how to print with them and their properties:

Here is his detailed presentation from google docs:

Color changing and magnetic metal infused 3d printing filaments

New flexible material - Filaflex

Hackaday video from Maker Faire 2013:

Extensive test of soft PLA (FlexPLA):

Sep 27, 2013

Strength test of 3d printed ABS part

It is done by high precision scientific method "press-it-until-brakes" ...

Video by:

How strong are your 3d printed parts? ( Btw: will they blend? :-))))))) )

Sep 26, 2013

Construction of bamboo geodesic dome with 3d printed connectors

Assembly of a geodesic dome made with bamboo and a 3D printer from colaborativa.
This is a timelapse video of the assembly of a geodesic dome made with bamboo and a RepRap 3D Printer. The prototype was assembled for the first time in Scarpia XII ( on July, 2013. The experimental design is based on the work of Buckminster Fuller,, effalo and Colaborativa's own designs and it is shared with a creative commons license.

3d printing is very useful for production of geodesic connectors and hubs. I think that there is still lot of space left for much more innovation and improvements (ie. connectors for square boards etc.) .

There are several deigns on Thingiverse:

Here is another interesting project that connects 3d printing approach and geodesic structures by design software and building elements production:

If you are interested in geodesic construction, (not working anymore) is a good resource page. For a geodesic dome calculator check out:

LumiFold 3D printer

From project page:
  • The smallest Foldable 3d printer!
  • Low Cost 3D printer, costs half of many 3d printers on the market, and it’s portable!
  • Based on standard/cheap 20x20mm aluminum extrusion
  • Easy to use: just unfold, place under a projector, and print!
  • Low energy consumption (approx. 5W)
  • Interchangeable resin bed and platform, including a smaller one for experimenting and printing small parts
  • Max Print volume 90 x 90 x ~90 mm
  • Z resolution up to 0,01mm!
  • The first 3D printer with a 3D Holographic visualization of the printing progress!
  • Laser Scanner Platform kit available, will transform the LumiFold in a 3D Scanner
  • Travel kit with Lithium battery, with the IPad / IPhone control Kit you are ready for printing everywhere in the world!
Priced around 400 $ for the kit.

Updated video of full print process from unfolding to printed object:

DIY digital camera with 3d printable shell

Arduino powered DIY digital camera that looks easy to make and has modifiable 3d printable enclosure.

Picture taken with the camera:

From project page:

This is a 3D printed digital camera that you can build yourself. By making your own digital camera, it takes away some of the mystery around how such devices work, and are fabricated. Also, it allows you to fully customize the camera to your liking. You can expand the circuit to have new functionality, or design your own custom case by modifying the 123D Design build files.
While this may not be a high-resolution digital camera, it is nonetheless very rewarding. This camera allows you to not only build a tool, but be creative with it. Being that this iteration of the camera does not have a screen to preview the pictures, it operates a little bit like a traditional film camera in that you don't immediately know what the pictures look like. This adds a bit of surprise and excitement when the pictures are finally transferred to the computer from your SD card and you see what has transpired. In the age of immediate gratification, slowing down the creative process adds a bit of magic and mystery to the whole endeavor. In fact, all of the camera's imperfections and digital glitches give the pictures taken their own unique character. For all of these reasons and more, this camera is a ton of fun to shoot pictures with.

Detailed build manual and files:

Project by: Randy Sarafan (

Sep 25, 2013

Designing 3d objects with Geomagic haptic feedback controller


More information on Geomagic Touch X (or Phantom Desktop) haptic controller arm and software is on company page:

3d printed (hot) fashion pictures from MakerFaire 2013 (ThreeForm)

Just some random pictures (source unknown, I do not own the copyright). It looks like they are from ThreeForm, company oriented on 3d printable fashion design ...
They look cool, hot and futuristic. I'm not sure if this fashion will catch on, but I like it ...

Monochormatic Radiance by Joshua Harker

It is just art :-) no practical purpose here (I think)... or it will be a peace of something bigger .. or prototype ...
Kinetic sculpture made form nearly 2000 separate hand assembled 3D printed pieces

Made by: Joshua Harker

Sep 24, 2013

DIY mobile phones projects with 3d printable casing

There are two simple projects: one is a simple candy bar style simple DIY cell phone and second one is a Tyfone smartphone.

From project site:
The DIY Cellphone is a working (albeit basic) cellphone that you can make yourself. It can make and receive phone calls and text messages, store names and phone numbers, and display the time. It builds on the hardware and software in the Arduino GSM Shield but extends it with a full interface, including display, buttons, speaker, microphone, etc. The source files for the cellphone are hosted on GitHub (hardware, software), which also includes an issue list where you can file bug reports or request enhancements.

Project site with detailed information:


You can build your smartphone on  Raspberry Pi named the Tyfone with custom Pythone based OS:

Here is a video of it in action:

Sep 23, 2013

Michael's printer from Australia

Independent movement dual extruders, large print area, unique high quality design and can be disassembled to carry as a case. Very very nice printer made by Michael Sullivan from


RepRap Wally printing progress and results videos


3d printed archery sight pin and target pins

Replacement archery sight / aim pin

Target pin that replaces metal ones

As I am interested in DIY archery, I just wanted to share this useful printables.

if you share interest in archery, take a look at:

Projects by: (thnx dude)

First print from a Proportional Gear Drive Joint version of RepRap Simpson

First print from a Proportional Gear Drive Joint Simpson 3d printer. Complex mathematics is behind precise, fast, smooth natural looking movement. Next versions are to include automatic bed leveling, which is to be a standard for the "final" version.

Printbed is from water jet cut basalt.

It is lot of work done here by Nicholas. Kudos!

Project on RepRap forum:,206458

Sep 22, 2013

Future of 3d printing replacment car parts

Big companies probably won't allow printing of parts that could endanger car passengers safty if they fail because of liability issues, but will probably allow printing of  "cosmetic" parts and non-essential structures.
Maybe there will be secondary / grey market ... car parts can be expensive ... or hard to obtain in certain situations ...


Six axis 3d printer

Very innovative, complex and maneuverable 3d printer designs that has 6 articulated movement sources that enable printhead to print in six axis space. It demonstrates printing on angled and curved surfaces.  
Information about this concept is limited to this video, if anyone knows more, let me know.


Looks like it is posted by Yong Chen of USC Viterbi School f Engineering

In-depth presentation of 3Doodler on LeWeb London 2013

Handheld 3d printer pen 3Doodler features and usage cases presented on LeWeb conference by Maxwell Bogue.



New 3Doodler presentation from CEs 2014 with new accessories:


Deltaprinter promises low cost and high quality of prints and plan to go on Kickstarter soon. They use spectra fishing line movement system which delivers higher precision then belt drive. It will be under 500 $ and open source.

Update video from the Maker Faire 2013



Deltaprintr is now on Kickstarter

3d printing complex shapes in ceramics

This picture shows some of the possibilities of 3d printing complex ceramic shapes.


Sep 17, 2013

Profabb GATE 3d printer from Poland

Mounting the extruder

First movements of Profabb Gate

Profabb Gate 3d printer from Poland with routing option in development. Priced at some 620 euro.

- robust, aesthetic frame of aluminum profiles 40x20
- Large working area 190x220x230 [XYZ]
- Robust linear guides (fi10 and fi12)
- Heated table 150 W
- Prop shafts, aluminum, machined
- Vertical axis X with a solid mount truck with extruder (screw, not the clamps)
- The ability to quickly remove extruder and change the router (developing this project)
- New control electronics Unique One
- 1.75mm filament
- Print all available filaments on the market that it melts at a temperature of 255 degrees C. max (in Polish)

Prusa I3 single z-axis motor system

Design for 3d printable belt and pulley system that enables Prusa I3 to work with only one z-axis motor. Could be useful in some situations ...

Project by: radus


Improved version 2 is released

What do people make on their 3d printers?

Who knows ... but this infographic from 3d model search engine is showing some trends in 2013 ...
First are fantasy toys and figures, second are smartphone accessories and thir are 3d printers and parts for them ...

You can also see what can "average" 3d printer owner make in one year:

here is a new infographic from Yeggi:

Sep 15, 2013

RepRap Lewis

Printer that was never developed to maturity, but has very interesting and unique design with SCARA arm and circular build platform. It does not need any bearings or non-printable linear systems.I hope someone will finish this project some day.

Off topic: How to make high performance drone in 27 days

Can you guess how? I think 3d printing had something to do with it (it is mentioned but not shown)

Boeing's Phantom Swift X-Plane


Description from the Thingiverse:

  • A nested pencil case, which locks using a pencil. (case with moving parts and hinges) 
  • A ruler that can make more rulers out of pencils. 
  • A pencil top connector, to construct geodesic shapes out of pencils.

By: Gyrobot

Lionhead Bunny 3d printer and Radiant Li software

Lionhead is 3d printer and 3d scanner hybrid machine with Radiant Li software.

Radiant Li 3D Scanning from Radiant Fabrication on Vimeo.

Radiant Li 3D Modeling from Radiant Fabrication on Vimeo.

Radiant Lionhead Electronics Assembly @ Parallax from Radiant Fabrication on Vimeo.

Limited information is available ...

Sep 11, 2013

GolemD 3d printer

Enclosed frame GolemD DIY 3d printer from Poland. Looks interesting and simple relying on aluminum sheet box for rigidity. It could be adapted to use it with heated chamber.

Technical specifications from project ReRap wiki:
  • Aluminum composite shell body - did you notice how a simple cardboard box is rigid while assembled - same principal
  • closed chamber - after installing front shield
  • 15x15x15cm working volume
  • 25x35cm footprint - plus Z contraption
  • yegahD extruder
  • single head or multiple with bowden
  • nema23 for Y and n17 for other axes by default
  • 12mm glides - uniform, stainless, aluminum or just some cold forged pipe.
  • slide linear bearings
  • bended aluminum single piece Xcart
  • only ca. 200g of printed parts
  • enclosed PSU and electronics - single ATX and Sunbeam/Teensylu in this case
  • plywood and molded versions to come
  • parametric openSCAD design
  • ultra easy to correctly assemble and cheap to build

Most of the build instructions are in Polish (but hey, that's why google translate exists) (Polish home page)

Update (15.09.2013.)

While looking at the post about Polish 3d printing event I found picture of larger version of GolemD with integrated filament boxes (GolemD sppf)

You should check the full gallery of the 3d printing event in Kielce with many printers and what looks like great atmosphere. Poland seems to have very vibrant, innovative and productive 3d printing community.

Full feature overview video of WASP Evo 3d printer

New update video from WASP team on their multifunctional 3d printer which shows full overview of various features including wood, PCB and aluminium milling.

Sep 10, 2013

Detailed video review of CubeX Duo

Very detailed review by: (not so positive on the printer performance)

3Sweep - getting 3d models from a single photo

Wow ...

Rubicon - simple and low cost 3d scanner.

It looks like it eats MakerBot scanner for breakfast based on specifications (and price)... future will show ...


Reddit thread on Rubicon with much more information:

RepRap forum thread:,243606,243812

Jack the Ripper 3d printable optical media ripping automation robot

"Jack the Ripper" 3d printable optical media ripping automation robot will help you move tons of DVDs or CDs trough the optical drive.

From project website:
Aims were:
  • Modular software and hardware design
  • Open source
  • Reliable
  • Low cost
  • Using off-the-shelf electronics
A stack of discs are placed into the “in tray”. An arm moves over to the stack and grabs the top disc. The disc is then lowered into the drive tray. Ripping takes place. Once complete the disc is removed from the drive tray and the arm takes it over to the “out tray” and places it there.
A Raspberry Pi is used to control the robot and a PC is used to control the overall process and the ripping.

Scheme of Jacks electronics:

PINH5AD 4x5 inch 3d printable Pinhole Camera

From thingiverse description:
The P5 is designed around a 4x5 film holder, widely available used or surplus. Film holders have a "dark slide" that protects unexposed film/paper from light, so the rubber band to close the shutter is not necessary (or desirable for long exposures).
Using the proven Pinhead shutter design, and lacking any film transport mechanism, the shutter blade is the only moving part.
  • 90mm focal length
  • designed for a 0.40mm pinhole
  • f-stop of f/225
  • 70 degree field of view.

PublicLaboratory Mobile 3D printed Spectrometer

Version 3

Version 4

From thingiverse pages:

This spectrometer is a scientific tool that straps onto an Android or iOS phone, tablet, or any camera capable of focusing very close (macro-mode) and allows you to collect spectra. Why would you want one? You can use it to identify the elemental composition of things (light bulbs, olive oil, beer, etc) based on the colors of light they emit. You can even use it to monitor your home brewing progress ( (version 3) (version 4)

Here is video describing their idea and scenarios for using DIY spectrometer:

They had a successful Kickstarter campaign:

Spectral workbench is a place to archive, share, and interpret spectral data.

Different model of 3d printed spectrometer:

You can also build 3d printable DIY Raman spectrometer: