Aug 12, 2013

PiMaker - DIY 3D Printer with circular buildplate


From project description by wjsteele:
This is the PiMaker 3D Printer. It utilizes the Printrboard set of electronics to drive a circular build plate instead of the standard cartesian coordinate based system of most other 3D printers. The benefit is that it has a very large build volume for it's relative chassis size. In fact, this particular configuration utilizes an 11" build platform (with 10.5" usable) and and 8" height, giving it a build volume over 650 cubic inches.
It utilizes all the sandard firmware and software with the exception of a single post processor script that does the polar conversion. This utility is currently written in C# (Mono.) It's usage is simple... just pass it the name of the file you wish to convert. It will create a backup of the file and rename the new one with the old name. (There are a few more modifications I'll be making to this file, but it works as is right now.)
This whole project is a work in progress, so check back for updates.

There is a detailed video build tutorial:

Other videos are listed at:

More details and downloads: