Aug 25, 2013

Open SLS: An Open Source Selective Laser Sintering Project

There is a research underway as part of Rice's Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute (AMRI) to create open source SLS printer. It is done by Andreas Bastian.

More on AMRI:

AMRI has some cool projects going on. I wish them all bright future!

Detailed tumblr with build process advancements:


here is a video of Open SLS in action:

OpenSLS: Powder Distribution Test from Andreas Bastian on Vimeo.
This is a new powder distribution mechanism that I am employing on a prototype selective laser sintering machine under development at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute (AMRI). More about the open source project can be found at

Update 2:
New project webpage:

You can follow OpenSLS project developments and view all the documentation on: