Aug 27, 2013

Mebotics Microfactory

I want to see it in production and on my table. Hope it will live up to the hype around it.

From video description:

We're revolutionizing personal manufacturing with this amazing all-in-one, networkable, four-color 3D printer and milling machine!
Makers making for makers: The Microfactory project began one year ago when four friends, longtime members of an independent maker space in Somerville, Massachusetts called Artisans Asylum, came together to create a better prototyping and machining that was easy to use, self-contained, and capable of a truly impressive list of tasks. They independently financed the development and testing of five full versions of the Microfactory, resulting in the exceptional product featured here. The Microfactory was entirely conceived, designed and built by people who have spent their lives around machines, who wanted to make something truly revolutionary and highly usable for makers everywhere.
Introducing the Microfactory: a networked, easy to operate, affordable, mess free, quiet, safe and fully-enclosed machine capable of:
printing functional parts in four colors or multiple materials
AND computerized etching
AND computer-controlled milling!
And check out some of the special features we've built in:
Port for a shop-vac hose so the machine "cleans up after itself" while it runs
Noise-reducing housing with safety-stop button
Full on-board computer -- no separate hardware or software needed! Connect and control through any (wired) network.
High-quality industry standard software built right in