Aug 2, 2013

KORUZA - using DIY 3d printing for laser data transmition system prototyping

WLan Slovenia is initiative that develops and deploys community open access mesh wifi networks.
KORUZA is their project of low-cost laser data transmission  system that should form backbone for high bandwidth networks.
When developing prototype system they used 3d printing for kinematic mount development. Currently it reaches 1Gbps data transfer at 100 meters and it is safe for eyes.

  1. Infrared laser source and detector
  2. Kinematic mount for aligning the source to the lens (3D printed)
  3. Plano-convex lens in the kinematic mount for aligning it to the source
  4. Linear translation stage for adjusting focus/collimation
  5. Mounting bracket (3D printed)
  6. Visible laser for alignment purpose
  7. Rotational mount for aligning the unit to its pair at a distance
  8. High-speed communication extension

DIY 3d printing - it prints more then just coat hangers.


Here is video demonstration of KORZA explaining main parts and technology behind it by its creator Musti:


here is printGREEN project also from Slovenia: