Aug 3, 2013

Idea Lab One open source 3d printer

From Poland comes Idea Lab One open source 3d printer, now on Indiegogo.

Technical Data

Size 410mm width 300 mm depth and 356mm of height
Electronics Teensylu with stepsticks
Materials ABS and PLA (heated bed)
24V power supply
200mm width 150 depth and 150 mm height of work space
1.75 mm direct drive extruder

The Complete DIY Kit includes

CNC cutted frame
Smooth rods
8 LM8UU Bearings
4 LM12UU Bearings
6 625ZZ Bearings
2 608 Bearing
Timing belts and all pulleys
Plastic Parts
Heatbed with glass and aluminium for mount heat resistors
All cables and connectors
24v power supply
8 mm rod for Z drive
4 motors from upcycling tested with minimal holding torque 0.4Nm
Teensyluu board with 4 stepsticks (english version)