Aug 31, 2013

gMax 3d printer

Printing large. Machine looks great.

Tech specs:
  • Huge 16’’ x 16’’ x 9’’ (2,304 in3) build volume
  • As low as 75 micron layer height (with 0.35mm nozzle)
  • The 16’’ acrylic bed does not need cooling if using PLA
  • 1.5’’ x 1.5’’ inch strong aluminum frame system
  • Precision milled aluminum z-axis motor couplers
  • Print without a computer (LCD screen and SD card reader)
  • Extruder: MK-7 drive gear, J-head hotend, LED light, integrated blower fan
  • Parts easily swappable and customizable
  • Very easy assembly – just need to slide in and screw.
  • Quiet when running, especially compared to a lot of other 3D printers
  • Works with most common open source software (slic3r, pronterface, etc.)