Aug 4, 2013

D3D extruder

D3D is coming up with innovative and powerful new extruder print head. They promise advanced dual extrusion capabilities in half of the size of current dual extrusion heads.

The design process video

General company video and intro into extruder heads and presentation of their product

Details of their extrusion head

Kickstarter campaign will follow soon.

Check out their company site:

About the company from their page:

Dglass 3D was founded in 2013 as a division of Douglass Innovations, Inc. Our Parent company, Douglass Innovations, purchased a mainstream commercially available FDM printer and in a very short time we uncovered many weaknesses, shortcomings, and challenges with the materials, the hardware, and the software. After uncovering these shortcomings we decided to form Dglass 3D with a very specific focus….. to improve FDM for the mainstream.
We are focused on hardware, software, and developing better materials for filament and we believe with our strong background in mechanical & electrical systems, software, polymers, and our commitment to excellence, we will improve the additive manufacturing user experience.

Videos from:

Here is their kickstarter for dual and quad extruders