Aug 31, 2013

Comparing professional and hobby 3d scanner

Great video with comparisons of 3d scanning results of entry level 3d scanner and professional 3d scanning hardware ... 
Video by: Bernhardt Mayrhofer  

From video description:

I always wanted to know, how much better a professional 3D scanner is, compared to my cool Carmine 1.09. You can use the 3D scanning Software Artec Studio with both entry-Level 3D Scanners like the Carmine 1.09, or Kinect and professional 3D Scanners like Artec Eva, or Artec Spider. Therefore I used this software to give you an impression what you can do with hobby scanners and what is possible with professional 3D scanners.
Please have a look at the amazing interactive 3D model from the Artec Eva scanner at:
To get more information about 3D scanning, please have a look at: and