Aug 12, 2013

3d printing innovations from PARC

Scobleizer gives tour of PARC and showcases several 3d printing related technologies. This stuff is the future. Well worth viewing.

Video 1 - printed electronics

From video description:
PARC is the Palo Alto Research Center which is one of the world's most famous R&D labs (ethernet, object oriented printing, guis, and much more were invented here). In this five-part tour you'll see what these smart people are working on now. Steve Jobs, famously, in the early 1980s, visited this lab and bought the rights to get a deep look at the technology that would become the Macintosh.
Here you see some really crazy new circuit boards that can be printed on a variety of flexible materials. All printed on an inkjet printer. Get a look at how this technology could change the future.

Video 2 - printed batteries 

From video description:
This is part II of our PARC innovation tour. Here you'll see how PARC is inkjet printing lithium ion batteries and by doing that getting up to 30% more energy density without changing the chemistry of how these batteries work.

Video 3 - making things in democratic manufacturing with 3d printing (or how to get your custom printed SUV)

From video description:

How do you make things? Well, a team at PARC is working on helping people who make things make them faster and cheaper through a new software suite that you'll see here. PARC is a famous lab in Silicon Valley and this is part III of a five-part tour.

All videos are by famous Robert Scoble: