Jul 28, 2013

Witbox Helios 2X 3d printer

Another day another filament 3d printer ...

Tech specs:

-Ramps 1.4. , Arduino Mega 2560.
-LCD screen with navigation knob. , Pines D4/D5 expansion adapter (double centrifugal fan)
-Option warm bed: Helios or Prusa.
-220V Input Power 12V 29A Ouput 348W. , Termisores 100k in bed and extruders.
-12V 40W resistors.
General Mechanical- blued steel-frame black.
-bars for trucks Ina X, Y, Z
-Caps Igus For X, Y, Z.
-ch Igus for the passage of cables.
-Spindle Igus for Z axis will link to Flexible engine.
-Piezerio, trucks, wheels, etc ... black blued steel. leveling-bed system with 3 points and cushioning. , quick-change system work surface.
Mechanical Extruder -Option: double or single extruder "simple option comes fully wired for future expansion." fast-change system in extruders, with Molex connection in the car. , quick-change system thread. Extruders-aluminum- , new design.
-0.4mm nozzles. -piece cooling nozzles. , fans and heat sink.
 -Dimensions -Area Y200mm Z200mm x200mm working -Foreign Total Length 505 Width 366 Height 450. Materielaes -PLA -ABS -PVA (Developing) NYLON (Developing) Resolution of layers
-default Preset. -High 0.1 mm -0.2 mm Medium -Low 0.3 mm
Securities community-Certificate European CE -Safety door. Software -Firmware Marlin preconfigured. -Host WITsoft (in development) -compliant Host Repetier, Ponterface, Cura, ReplicatorG. -Slic3r (recommended and default) -Skinforce Communications -SD card reader and card 4Gigas included. -USB port.
Various mounting-Option hive with several printers, assembled and anchored on each other and can stack up to 3 heights, avoiding having to mount additional shelves. -inspired System Fibonacci curve with teflon tube for the passage of thread. Through this innovative power tubes are completely thread into the machine, taking care of the aesthetics of the product and ensuring minimal friction.