Jul 16, 2013

UP plus 2

1749 USD
The ALL NEW UP! Plus 2 : 
All the features of the UP Plus + More.  Auto-levelling, Auto-nozzle height calibration. 150 Micron printing, NEW multi-print function - let's you reprint models already stored in memory. ALL new Gen3 platform design with spring clips and super-hot platform (105'C).  Consistant ABS printing with the option for PLA!
Load your model - Click, click - PRINT!
Build Volume:              140mm(w), 140mm(d), 135mm(h)
                                     5-1/2"(w) x 5-1/2"(d) x 5-1/4"(h)
Z resolution:                 Settings 0.15mm / 0.20mm / 0.25mm / 0.30mm / 0.40mm 
Print Head:                   Single head, single material, produces part as well as support material
Build Platform:              Heated - 105’C
Support Method:           Fully automated, simple, break-away. support material generation via software.
Workstation Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista & 7, MacOS
Overall Dimensions:      245mm(w), 260mm(d), 350mm(h)
                                      9-5/8"(w), 10-1/4"(d), 13-3/4"(h)
Weight:                          5Kg(11lbs)
Shipping Weight:         10Kg(22lbs)
Power input:                  100-240V, 50-60Hz,  220W
Connectivity:                  USB (internal memory SD flash storage on-board.  
                                      Job can run independently of source computer once file has loaded.  NEW Multi-print feature!
What's in the Box?:        UP! Plus+ 3D Printer, power adapter, (0.7Kg)1.5lbs white ABS, 3 perfboards (gen4) & toolkit.
Heat & wind sheild
The heat/wind shield protects users from accidentally brushing up against the UP!'s "hot-end". The wind barrier re-directs air to cool the hot-thread as it is being extruded resulting in a finer finish.  Latest design allows for easy raft removal.
Low-cost, durable ABS material
The UP! uses ABS or PLA material in various colors.  Finished parts are solid & durable enough to be working parts.  Sand, machine and paint your objects to best suit your needs.
Solid metal construction.
The UP! Mini is built for printing speed & precision with it’s solid, all metal cconsturctions.  Each axis utilizes UP!’s solid metal linear bearing rail system that resists any torque during the printing process, resulting in the finest most precise parts in its class.
Ease of use.
the UP! comes with a fully-integrated,heated metal build platform which keeps your parts thermally stable thoughout the build cycle.  The newest platform comes with threaded, screw-down receivers that work with the UP!'s NEW perfboard build platform.  Along with the reliable, glass iBP system, the UP! has a great suite of build platform options to choose from.  UP! users now have the accessories at hand to get their designs to print exactly as they were intended.
Under the hood.
The UP! is controlled by the newest, most efficient mainboard to date.  It boasts integrated stepper motor controllers, integrated CPU and SD card and a full 20v rating to flawlessly provide power to all of the UP! working parts.
Smart support
No shape is too complex.  The UP! Mini utilizes the same automatic support generation that was first introduced with the UP! Start Plus+.  The Smart Support software works out where it requires support material and then prints it in a lower density in the same material. You simply break the support material off.  No need for dual-heads or dangerous soluble cleaning chemicals.
Price | Performance
The PP3DP is the overwhelming leader when it comes to Price | Performance in the market.  PP3DP has proven this with the success of their flagship,UP!  Plus+ 3D Printer and all-NEW UP! Mini.
What's in the box: UP! Plus 2, power adapter, 0.7kg ABS, 3 perfboards(gen3) and tool kit