Jul 28, 2013

STATUS 3d printer


  • Depth: 400 m/m.
  • Width: 520 m/m.
  • Height: 370 m/m.
  • Weight: 15,0 Kg.
  • Work volume: 205x205x205 m/m.
  • X and Y axis resolution: 0,2 m/m.
  • Z axis resolution: 0,125 m/m.
  • Extrusion material: ABS 1.75 mm.
  • Average print speed: 50 mm/s
  • Control software: Replicator G.

3D printer manufactured with our exclusive 15x15mm aluminium profile. It is formed by a structural base and a bridge for holding the Y and Z axis.
  • Innovative patented extrusor head
  • Closed toothed dragging Belt.
  • Easy belt tensiĆ³n set.
  • Quick axis calibration based on closed belts system.
  • Stiff structure.
  • Absence of movements and vibrations during operation. 
  • Bearing on polish aluminium profile in the 3-axis.
  • No manteinace, thanks to its autolubricated bearing.
  • Fleasibility to hold several control boards.
  • Hide wiring.
  • Wiring in movement guided by cable trays.
  • Base over adjustable height rubber pads, allowing a perfect level.