Jul 9, 2013

RapidBot Mega 3d printer

From the product site:
RapidBot Mega is a fully working 3D Printer (build size 75x25x20 cm) .
RapidBot Mega comes standard with additional items such as: Kapton tapes, heated bed for PLA, power supply, USB cable, few meter PLA, Linear motion guide, flange Bearings, flange nut etc.
Technical Specification :
• Machine size 900 x 350 x 500 mm
• Build size 750x250x200 mm
• Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm
• Layer Thickness : 0.1 mm
• Speed (mm/s) : 60
• Positionning Precision : 27 microns
• Input Format : STL
• Software : Pronterface
• System Copatibility : Windows 7 and Vista
• Power Supply : ATX, 450W
• Weight : 25 Kg
Features of Assembled RapidBot Mega 3D Printer

1. It uses high quality linear motion guide.
2. Compact Design.
3. Printrboard and Power Supply are placed at the bottom to give clean and neat look.
4. Mechanically more Stable design.
5. Improved the PrintBed Adjustment.
6. Improved Extruder Design and Z axis.
7. Accurate and easy belt placement.
8. Large build volume with easy accesibility.
9. Uses high quality acrylic 10. Integrated power supply for both Printrboard and Heatbed.
11. Uses high quality aluminium pulley with T2.5 belts, to give high accuracy.
12. Self locking design ensures rigid frame.

Assembled RapidBot Mega 3D Printer contains :

• Printrboard Electronics – with presoldered endstops with molex connectors and high temp heat cables for connecting Heater and Thermistor
• All hardware, bearings, bolts, nuts, washers, Linear motion guide, Flange Bearings, Flange nut etc
• All acrylic sheets (Side plates, Bottom plate, Top plate, Middle plate, Y frog support, Extruder base, Extruder motor plate, Heated printbed)
• M8 Threaded rods (296mm)
• Chrome plated Smooth rods (333mm)
• 5 Stepper Motors – with presoldered Molex connectors
• M4 Brass insert piece - for direct drive on motor shaft (5mm inner diameter)
• Pre-assembled J-Hotend, including G550 Thermistor, Heat Resistor, Cooling fan, etc
• Kapton tape 15mm (Insulation of Thermistor legs)
• Kapton tape 40mm (To print on)
• Set of 4 Heater blocks, 4 x 1.0 Ohm (for Heated printbed)
• Cooling paste (To use between Printbed and Heater blocks)
• PTFE strain-relief
• GT2 belts and pulleys
• Power Supply 450W, Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.3A, Output: DC 12V, 37.5A
• USB and Power supply cables
• Extras such as Endstops, Magnetic leveler, Forceps, Few meter of PLA, Plastic tie etc.

Lead Time : 12 Days.
Delivery Time : 3-4 days after dispatch.
Price: 1250 USD