Jul 19, 2013

ProDesk3D update: printing at 25 microns

Looks great, but we will see how it works in real life ...

For video (embed doesn't work) , go to:

From update page:

Founders release FDM/PLA-based 25 micron mixed color printing video
Watch our gorgeous new video that demonstrates the beauty and finish quality of 25 micron printing, using our PLA filament. This video was taken with the ProDesk3D printing at 175 mm/s, with the video accelerated at certain points for the purpose of summarization. We also used this as another chance to preview our new translucent PLA colors, that we mixed to create the beautiful floral vase. Note that there are no lines to be seen due to the layer accuracy, just a gorgeous, smooth finish. The floral vase was printed exactly as offered, yet the ProDesk3D prints at a higher resolution than the original STL file!