Jul 1, 2013

ExtrusionBot - kickstarter for fastest DIY filament extruder

From kickstarter page:
Why ExtrusionBot? 
What other machines do in a day, we do in  an hour... 
  • ExtrusionBot gives you the speed to produce the quantity of filament with out the wait.
  • ExtrusionBot has the smallest foot print on the market. Only 7in x 10in. Save desk space put it right beside you 3D printer .
  • The ExtrusionBot has built in spooling. No need to buy anything else, or spend time spooling the tangled mess on your floor.
  • Speed without sacrificing quality. Currently tolerances better than +/-0.10mm. We run our filament though our own 3d printers.
  • 3mm or 1.75m or anything in between, you choose.  Very simple nozzle change out. 
  • You are not limited with ExtrusionBot on the type of filament you make! ABS, PLA and we are currently testing other types.
  • The ExtrusionBot is an easy to use consumer extruder engineered for the everyday user.   
  • You can buy it fully assembled and ready to use, or in kit form and have fun putting it together.