Jul 27, 2013

3d printed couples rings

Awwwwwww ... this is sooo sweeet ... or: How to make plastic cherishable.

MY Reason Your Ring from Christopher Scott on Vimeo.
My Reason Your Ring is a celebration and reflection of why couples are together. Using contemporary 3D printing technologies, an accessible and democratic material, My Reason Your Ring evolves what is cherishable about the objects from monetary to relational as only one partner has the ability to print the ring for the other through the reason for their relationship that they choose as a password. Because of the nature of the material, the rings can be truly lived in; lost on a picnic, scratched, faded in the sun, dropped in the ocean, etc., only to be replaced by one’s partner. The rings are designed as inverses where the volume on one becomes the void on the other, becoming unique symbols for the couple.