Jun 23, 2013

Using 3D printing in aquaponics and hydroponics

Aquaponics / hydroponics looks as ideal field for using 3d printing since it can require many custom plastic components like joints, valves, nozzles, aerators etc.

Here are three videos by Robot Dreams that show design process and implementation of 3d printed nozzles in small home aquaponic system:

Aquaponic Spray nozzle:

Aquaponic bubble head nozzle:

Quad nozzle:

Venturi aerator by TheMrJuggs:

You can find many more useful and interesting 3d printable things to use in your aquaponic project at:

PLA is classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA Section 184.1061

Here are some introduction videos for home small scale DIY aquaponic food production systems:

Update (15.8.2014.):

Here is a small aquaponic system you can build with your 3d printer and small fish tank for indoor growth:

and here is a low cost system that uses 3d printed parts and used bottles to create low cost modular hydroponics system:

DIY HDPE growth strips extruder: