Jun 5, 2013

FORM 1 printing video

First video I saw of Form 1 printing in the wild. Thank you Robert Vignone.

Form 1 3D Printer: The First of many. from Robert Vignone on Vimeo.
This is a time-lapse video I made to document the process of printing out my Benedict Cumberbatch model. I will have a follow up video showing the final cast in (hopefully bronze!) or at the very least matte grey which will show off the details much much better. The print took about 12 hours from start to finish in the printer.

I sculpted the model in Mudbox, Prepped the model for 3d print in ZBrush and Meshlab and printed through the PreForm software. It was a good learning experience, overall a big success considering it is the first 3D print I have ever done myself.

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Instrumental By: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis