Jun 15, 2013

BENDLAY - new clear and bendable 3d printing filament

Kai Parthy is at it again, after Laywoo -3d and Laybrick filament here is BENDLAY! Clear, resilient and food safe.

From video description:

what to print with?
• straps and belts
• thin wall bottles
• light-transmitting objects
• bathing shoes or sandales

• Outstanding is the opacity, near to plexi-glass.
• Bendlay is very nice to print between 215° to 240°C,
• 240°C is dedicated for best layer adhesion at fast printing speeds
• thermal stability similar to PLA (65 - 70°C)
• Bendlay is an modified Butadien and not made by nature, but may be used for household and food products
• the water absorption is only 30% of the ABS
• while bending, the clear color will not change into white (white fracture) as ABS or PLA do
• good adhesion to ABS and PLA
• soluble in break cleaner, acetone will make Bendlay crumbly

32,80 EUR for 0,75 kg of 3mm, available at:


Here is new filament family the PORO-LAY by Kai Parthy: