Jun 27, 2013

3D Print Finisher by Keith Nielsen

Sealed heat chamber for acetone vapor bath finishing. Keith made it into specialized product. 


From Indiegogo product page:

What Is it?
The 3D Print Finisher is an acetone vapor chamber that will eliminate the layer lines on any ABS plastic 3D printed object, even if it is printed at a low resolution. The acetone vapor is created using a heated pan and a small amount of acetone. The leak proof steel frame allows the vapor to remain inside of the chamber and finish your 3D printed object in minutes or less. The front of the vapor chamber has a glass window so you can watch your 3D printed part become transformed.

How to Operate
The 3D Print Finisher is very simple to use. All you have to do is squirt a small amount of acetone into the heating pan, place the object onto the removable bed, turn it on,replace the lid and watch your part become smooth! It takes an average of 3 minutes to finish 3D printed objects. It is important to monitor your object while it is in the chamber so that you can remove the object as soon as it is finished.

The Story
Printing an object at a high resolution can take hours, who has time for that? I wanted to come up with a way to print an object at a low resolution, which is much faster, and have it still look awesome. I then discovered the use of acetone to make a 3D printed object appear as if it has been injection molded no matter what resolution it is printed at. I came across many blogs that instructed people to place their object into a pot of acetone and heat it using a stove top or printer bed. I found out that: 1) placing a plastic object directly into acetone can quickly melt through the plastic, and 2) heating acetone vapors on a printer bed can seriously damage a 3D printer. I decided that there must be a more efficient and safer way of doing this, so I built the 3D Print Finisher.


As soon as I meet my funding goal I will begin manufacturing the 3D Print Finisher immediately. The steel used for the frame will be purchased through a company in the Chicago area. I will assemble the entire 3D Finisher myself, using solvent resistant sealant to create a leak proof frame. Each 3D Finisher will be tested after it is assembled to make sure that each one works efficiently.
*I am still constantly working on improving the 3D Print Finisher. With the help of everyone who funds this project I will be able to keep improving it. I would love to hear feedback from anyone regarding how this project can be improved.
*A possible shop vac hose adapter to act as a fume extractor is a possible Free Upgrade. We are still experimenting. I will post a video if it seems to be working.