May 16, 2013

UP Plus 2 3D printer

By Delta Micro (PP3DP), announced for June 1st.

From the product announcement: 

UP Plus 2 is an upgraded desktop 3D printer based on its flagship product UP! Plus, and it is designed to provide easier printing experience for general public. People who are using 3D printer on the market always need to tinker with their printer, and find it too complicated to fine tuning the machine before have it working properly to print a good part. With the newly introduced automatic platform calibration system, Delta Micro Factory (PP3DP) continues to lead the 3D printing trend and delivers a friendlier 3D printer, UP Plus 2, for everybody that requires very little knowledge of 3D printing.

With the announcement with UP Plus 2, Delta Micro Factory (PP3DP) also released its latest UP software version 1.19. The upgraded software includes features like:

Thin surface printing.
Pause printing at a certain height.
Shell printing on Mac
Various bug fixes and other usability improvements.

UP Plus 2 will be priced at $1649