May 15, 2013

Small 3d printed wind power generator with modular cells

DIY 3d printed small wind generators could be breakthrough in small wind power sector, since it simplifies and decentralizes production and enables usage of biodegradable and on-the-spot recyclable materials such as PLA plastics.

Project description: 

Small low power 3 phase A.C. / D.C. generator designed for low energy applications using wind or water power. The generator is stackable allowing you to build up a working system of multiple modules to provide the voltage or current required. Connecting a module in parrallel boosts the current and connecting in series boosts the voltage.

Wind generator blades and generator cells are 3d printed.

Low RPM Axial Flux Generator Cell v3 by 001tech

Update (20.8.2014.):
Polish company is working on 3d printable open source modular design for DIY wind power system: