May 16, 2013

Panther 3D printer

Yet another FFF 3D printer is on the market. It is the Panther from Singapore, big brother of the Portabee.


Price: 960 $
High quality Linear Guideways with special grade stainless steel on all axes provide high positional accuracy, extremely smooth motion, long life and fantastic reliability.

Machine Resolution / Positional Accuracy
X & Y: 0.025mm / 25 microns
Z: 0.005mm / 5 microns
Aluminium Chassis
Composed from rigid aluminium components & stainless steel hardware – rigid, strong, more resistant to climatic factors such as humidity and temperature changes as well as corrosion and warpage.
PLA & ABS Extrusion
Direct thermoplastic extruder compatible with 1.75mm diameter PLA and ABS plastic. Extrusion system features a spring-loaded ball bearing tensioner system for reliable thermoplastic flow control.

Heated print-bed
Heated print-bed with software temperature setting for greater flexibility – can be simply turned off if not required (eg. for non-heated platform printing with kapton tape).
Precision Components
Precision trapezoidal four start lead screw employed on Z axis
2GT belt drive system on X and Y axes
0.4mm printing nozzle
Build Volume202mm (X) x 162mm (Y) x 157mm (Z) / 5.1 Litres