May 21, 2013

OpenBeam Kossel Pro 3D printer

Very cool and professional looking 3d printer based on OpenBeam platform and Delta design.

Build Area: 
Cylindrical Build Area of 250mm Diameter x 250mm Height
Linear Actuator resolution: 
0.2mm / full step, 1/32" Microstepping
OpenBeam designed Dual Use extruder body. Includes parts for both standard NEMA17 stepper mount and geared pancake motor. Extruder can be configured for both direct drive and bowden drive.
Hot End: 
Testing so far had been done with genuine J-Heads from Brian Refsnyder; if stretch goal is reached, we will be testing our own full stainless steel hot end design.
Swing arms: 
Carbon Fiber swing arms with OpenBeam designed full ball bearing ball joints.
Linear Bearings: 
12mm Recirculating ball linear slides.
Metrix Brainwave
Heated Bed: