May 16, 2013

New RepRapPro Hot end

RepRapPro has new hot end out.

From the product page:

  • The stainless barrel and brass nozzle have been comined into a one piece stainless steel nozzle to speed up assembly time.
  • The hot end resistor has now been replaced by a heater cartridge. This eliminates the need for fettling the holes in the heated block, and makes for a much more reliable heating element
  • We are now having our own custom heatsinks manufactured, with holes drilled by the manufacturer before annodising resulting in a neater heatsink.
  • All fans now come with colour coded wires for easier assembly.
  • Double coil spring washers are now included in every hot end kit for height adjustment should you wish to upgrade to a Tricolour machine.

The kit includes:

  • 4mm OD PTFE tube
  • Polyolefin (black) heatshrink
  • PTFE heatshrink (clear)
  • 100k Thermistor
  • Bowden start
  • Bowden end
  • Heater block
  • 0.5mm One piece nozzle
  • PTFE liner
  • Tapered nut
  • Heatsink block
  • Double coil spring washer
  • Fan + Heatsink
  • Cartridge Heater
  • 0.1" crimp terminals
  • 10-way male header
  • Cap Screws
  • Price: £35.9