May 31, 2013

How To Flash Bootloader on RAMBo 3D Printer Electronics

From video description:

This is a quick how-to video showing how you can flash the USB bootloader onto a RAMBo board using a programmer and the arduino IDE software. In the video, I used arduino V1.0.5 and an AVR ISP MK2 programmer, available for $34 from atmel.

We had a few RAMBo boards get flashed with a bug that erased the bootloader by mistake, and if you have a programmer, this is an easy, 5 minute fix. If you don't have a programmer, go ahead and email us for information how to swap out your board. The symptom of a bad bootloader in this case is the inability to upload new firmware to the RAMBo from arduino. You would still be able to connect and use the board as well as make changes to the eeprom settings, but cannot upload new firmware via the USB onboard.