May 16, 2013

E3D v4 hot end

I was just searching for full metal hot ends, I found two models I didn't know about before. First is E3D v4, priced at £39.00.
Someone should do comparison review of available hot ends and how they affect print quality.

From the product page:

Custom stainless insulated actively cooled Hot-End - Contains no PEEK or PTFE, all metal design will withstand temperatures well in excess of that ever required for thermoplastic extrusion. Extremely mechanically strong.

This update to our previous design uses fewer parts, offers much better cooling, is more easily assembled and is directly compatible with standard 16mm extruder bodies. All CNC-machined parts assure quality and accuracy.

This hot-end has been tested to beyond 400 degrees centigrade, all heated parts are either steel, aluminium or brass. By using stainless steel insulation and active cooling we have reduced the distance in which the plastic transitions from ambient temperatures to extrusion temperatures to 2mm. An extremely short transition from cold filament to molten plastic provides highly precise extrusion with little extrusion force.

The fully assembled hot end emulates J-Head style mounting, and should fit most extruder bodies accordingly.

We can ship this to anywhere in the world.

With the DIY version you will receive.

Aluminium heatsink, stainless steel heat break, Brass nozzle (0.4mm), heater block, 100K ohm NTC thermistor, 12v 40W ceramic cartridge heater, 30mm axial fan, Fan housing (printed ABS), 150mm high temp silicone wire, 50mm PTFE heat shrink, Kapton tape, and a fixing kit.

With the fully Built version you will receive.

A fully built, ready to rock, E3D-v4 HotEnd. We have done all the hard work for you; we will even fix the thermistor in place using fire cement. Just plug in and play.


If you want to cool this extruder with liquid, here is the modification: